When we talk about delivering the highest possible standard of care, we really mean it.

In fact, we take the quality of our services so seriously that Prestige has obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation.

Obtaining accreditation is difficult and similar to the process required for a hospital or nursing home.

Whilst not a requirement for the home care industry, we are proud of our accreditation. It shows that an independent auditor has reviewed every aspect of our business and certified that everything is being done to the highest possible standards.

The accreditation logo is your peace of mind – your assurance that Prestige does things by the book and never cuts corners.

In 2014 we also completed a Department of Social Services (Government) audit against the Community Care Common standards and achived excellent results in all areas.

It is just further proof of our commitment to delivering the very best care for you and your loved one.