Prestige Inhome Care staff are carefully selected and screened to ensure that clients only receive the most professional, caring, skilled care.

We regard our Registered Nurses and Personal Care Attendants as the best in the industry.

In fact, Prestige places such importance on recruiting and retaining the very best staff in the industry that we offer attractive salaries, ongoing training and personal development opportunities, and great working conditions, to enable us to attract and employ the best of the best.

All staff members are interviewed in person by Prestige Management. We also undertake reference checks, police checks and background research before anyone becomes part of the Prestige team. All carers are also required to have at least a Certificate 3 in Aged Care.

When it comes to selecting staff for you and your loved one, we make sure to choose only those team members who match your individual needs. What’s more, you always have the right to choose a staff member you feel is best suited to meet your needs.

Here is what some of our staff members had to say:

Shirley, with the infectious laugh and smile.

Shirley told us the story of one client with dementia who, while at an art class Shirley noticed she was always looking at the trees. So Shirley took her to the Australian Garden, and we Shirley is pleased to say she loved it. “When we got home she said “that’s the best day I’ve had in a long time”. She was waving like the queen to everybody, looking at all the beautiful trees.”

Shirley believes strongly about connecting with older people in th..e community. “To let them know that people still care.”

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Kelly, with a smile that lights up the room.

When Kelly sat down and shared her story she revealed it is the smile of her clients that makes it so rewarding. “It brightens your day and you walk out of the house and think, yes, I’ve done something good. And it makes you feel good inside,” said Kelly.

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Bernice’s commitment to the care of others

30 years is a long time to work night shift. It takes dedication, focus and an ability to commit all of yourself to the care of others. It is that experience that lead Bernice to home care, where she now is overwhelmed by the time she has with individual clients and the nice environment that is created by simply living at home.

“What I like most about being a carer is supporting the clients in their own environment and helping them with their personal care, their social needs and just assisting them with their daily living and how they like to have it done in their home,” said Bernice. “Doing anything to make their daily activities and life easier.”

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Lara, who adds value and happiness to everyone she meets

With a friendly and warm smile, and a relaxed and approachable nature, Lara is someone who adds value and happiness to those she meets, and in her role as Case Manager at Prestige Inhome Care, Lara connects individuals with the right care to suit their needs.

“What drew me to working in the care industry was that I’ve always worked in sales and marketing roles but I was looking to work for something that just meant a little bit more,” said Lara. “It’s one thing to sell something that’s an everyday item, a necessity but it’s another thing to sell something that actually makes a difference in someone’s life.”

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Jaclyn’s focus on giving people their independence back

Jaclyn has always been in the Care Industry. It is something that she believes is for people who are prepared to give. To give love and to selflessly give their all to make sure people can have the happiest lives they can have.

“I love it because I feel that I give back,” said Jaclyn. “I feel that I can show people love and I feel that’s my way of giving back, just giving of myself. That is why I love being a Carer.”

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Christian, who loves the outdoors

Having worked in the fitness industry for more than 20 years, Christian was ready for a change and to head outdoors and work in the sunshine. And sometimes, the rain.

For the last few years, Christian has been helping Prestige Inhome Care clients with keeping their gardens at home up to scratch with everyday gardening tasks that sometimes you simply need a little help with.

“I do a lot of things for clients at Prestige Inhome Care,” said Christian. “It could be lawn mowing, whipper snipping, cleaning the windows, gutter cleans, backyard clean ups, tip runs, hedge trimming. Just a whole number of things that need to be done.”

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