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Dementia is an illness that impacts our closest loved ones. Grandma forgets is a beautiful children’s book dedicated to raising awareness of the illness and bringing a stronger understanding to children as to why ‘grandma forgets’.

Today, there are more than 410,000 Australian’s living with Dementia along with their families. For those directly impacted, Dementia causes the loss of memory, intellect, rationality, social skills and physical functioning. It can be challenging, confusing and difficult for families and loved ones to understand. ‘Grandma Forgets’ is a beautiful story to uplift and inspire.

As a client services coordinator, angela is responsible for ensuring the safety, care and comfort for clients, and she shares her experiences here.

Connecting Carers and Clients is at the heart of Angela’s role at Prestige Inhome Care. As a Client Services Coordinator, Angela is responsible for ensuring the safety, care and comfort for Clients, and she shares her experiences here. “You are never too old to learn something new,” – The mantra of Prestige Inhome Care’s own

Mental Health is important for all people of all ages. Nick McDonald sits down with founder of Dancing with the Black Dog, Mark Pacitti, as he shares his personal and candid story of dealing with his own mental health issues.

It’s something that needs to be acknowledged, addressed, recognised and accepted. That is the overarching message in this month’s Focus On Series, where Prestige Inhome Care CEO Nick McDonald speaks to expert and Founder of Dancing with the Black Dog Mark Pacitti about the impact of depression and anxiety on your life and the positive

Prestige InHome Carer Megan speaks of her career change to become a carer and the joy it brings her to share activities and experiences with her clients.

It was later in her career that Megan decided she wanted to find more meaning in her career. After a period with charitable organisation Riding for the Disabled, Megan set to work gaining the necessary qualifications to become a carer for a reputable organisation such as Prestige Inhome Care. With a focus on giving back,

In the lead up to Men’s Health Week in June, Nick McDonald speaks to exercise physiologist Trent Malcolm about the benefits of exercise at all ages.

Well-known bayside Exercise Physiologist Trent Malcolm, founder of Active One, is not short of stories of success when it comes to providing benefits to lifestyle for individuals taking up exercise at any stage of their life. Sitting down with CEO of Prestige Inhome Care Nick McDonald, Trent shares some interesting insights into this important area

Beaumaris local Ruth speaks of her time as a teacher, hitchhiking through Europe in the 1950’s and her aspirations as a writer.

When we walked into the home of Prestige Inhome Care client Ruth to hear of her experiences and learn of her story, we were immediately met with a warm and generous smile as she sat within the comforts of her lounge room. “I love stories,” Ruth said. “Other people’s stories.” It was the beginning of

Knowing how to ask the right questions the key to finding the right fit for your caring needs, says CEO of Prestige InHome Care, Nick McDonald.

Since the most recent reforms to Government Home Care Packages in February 2017, Nick McDonald and his team of professional carers and managers at Prestige Inhome Care have witnessed first-hand the confusion surrounding eligibility and inclusions when it comes to home care. With over 15 years in the care industry, Nick is committed to ensuring

Simplifying the recent reforms to government funded home care packages

With uncertainty arising from the Australian Government’s recent changes to the way home care services are delivered to older Australians, Nick McDonald and his team at Prestige Inhome Care set to work developing a straightforward and easy to understand 90 second video to bring clarity and transparency to what can be an overwhelming process to

Prestige InHome Carer Holly shares some of the nicest moments she has had as her role as a carer

Holly sees caring as more than a job. Sitting and chatting over a cup of tea, this high achieving nursing student and Prestige Inhome Carer has a warmth and passion for her job that has her waking up every day and enjoying her client visits, where she says she can help make their day a

An interview close to home – Nick McDonald sits down with dad and medical expert Dr Jim McDonald to discuss aging and road safety

  Medical Expert Jim McDonald has spent over 46 years getting to know the Bayside community, having treated up to three generations of the same family at his local General Practice. Sitting down with son and CEO of Prestige Inhome Care Nick McDonald, Jim shares some personal thoughts on some key issues facing the aging