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1,000,000 Steps Ahead Of Parkinson’s

Congratulations to James Rickards, Prestige Inhome Care’s Regional Manager QLD, for the extraordinary event 1,000,000 Steps Ahead of Parkinson’s, held last weekend.  The 2-day walk in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland has, so far, raised over $9000 for the local Parkinson’s disease community.

The walkers were welcomed back at Mapleton Hall, amid cheers and applause.  James spoke of his admiration for his fellow walkers, some of whom are living with Young Onset Parkinson’s.

“It’s truly a team effort and it demonstrates the nature and spirit of what it means to be a part of a thriving, compassionate and health focused community. Working collaboratively with you all brings profound meaning to my working life.”

Prestige welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with other Parkinson’s service providers and engage with the community on how Prestige can help maintain their wellbeing and independence through tailored in-home care.