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Aged Care Employee Day 2021

Aged Care Employee Day is our chance to say ‘thank you’ to all of our extraordinary people.

Our employees are an incredible team of highly skilled and empathetic carers  and behind the scenes office staff who make a difference every day in the lives of our clients.

Prestige Inhome Care provides support for the elderly in their own homes, providing the care they need to remain independent and safe at home. This means we ask our dedicated support workers to engage with our clients using both the skills they have learnt and the skills that are innate to a person working in a caring profession.  Aged Care Employee Day is our chance to take a moment to appreciate and thank you for the compassion you bring to your work.

Across Australia the last 12 months have been an unusual time working through a global pandemic. Our dedicated workforce have continued to be flexible with changing restrictions and diligent in supporting vulnerable older people and their families across this uncertain time.

Each day, the Prestige support worker team assist our clients with domestic chores, personal care transportation, nursing, home and gardening maintenance and providing companionship.   

That’s why, this Aged Care Employee Day Prestige would like to take the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the work of our incredible team. We cannot thank you enough for your commitment in continuing to make a difference in our clients lives. 

We asked our staff: What do you love about working in aged care?

‘ I love working in the aged care industry because inside every older person, there is a younger person that likes to come out and share
their energy and stories with me’.  Desiree

‘ I love working with my Aged clients in their own homes just knowing that I am giving them that independence that we all crave for, and just seeing them chatty, smiling and happy is one of the biggest thrills working in this industry!’ John

‘ I love working in this industry because it gives you the chance to really do something meaningful,
plus that old saying about the ‘true make of a civilized population, is how they treat their most vulnerable’ really sits with me.’. Adrienne

‘I love the people. Client’s, carers, office staff and families are all amazing and all have a story to share. You can learn so much from all of them especially our clients and their carers who all have something to learn from. It’s a privilege to be able to share just a moment with any of them and to help even in a small way even if its just a cup of tea or a smile.’ Johannah

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