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As a good friend of Hugh’s once said, he couldn’t get over the impression that the Depression caused.

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100 year old Geelong local Hugh sat down with the Prestige Inhome Care team to talk about family, being in the Army and what he thinks the secret is to a good life.

Set within a quiet street of Geelong, Hugh’s home is a place of memories and good times. Sitting in his loungeroom with the sun shining through the windows, we enjoyed a cup of tea and settled in for a good chat, talking about Hugh’s recent birthday. He turned the magical 100.

In the room, there were what seemed to be hundreds of birthday cards on every spare surface, and above our heads a string of 30 more, proudly congratulating this much-loved local on his extraordinary milestone.

However, amidst the colour and vibrant cards stood one card that stands out above all. There on the mantle, alongside the family photos and ornaments, was a letter from Queen Elizabeth herself. A signed and Royally sealed congratulations.

When asked about this amazing moment in his life, the humble Hugh smiled and said he received one from the Prime Minister too. And there it was. Two cards among many more celebrating Hugh’s long life and wishing him happiness in the years to come.

And it is Hugh’s happy outlook that he seems to be known for. In our chat together, Hugh spoke of the impact of being in the Army and the role it played in setting him up for what he says has been a good life.

“We had nothing really. No money to speak of,” said Hugh. “It gave us a good start. We were very fortunate with the Army and I was lucky in a way because some of the poor unfortunates went overseas and didn’t come back.”

The Army gave Hugh a future, at a time when many of his friends and his own family spent years on the road looking for work.

“All they could tell you in those days was ‘I advise you young people to move around as much as you can.”

An extraordinary chat with a truly extraordinary and inspirational Geelong local.

Watch the full video of our chat with Hugh here


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