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Maddie - Our Aged Care Champion

Prestige Inhome Care’s Maddie Cheeseman was recently named an Aged Care Champion by the peak body Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA), and we couldn’t be prouder of her.

ACCPA said, “Her consistent kindness and dedication embody the essence of caregiving, and her devotion to improving the lives of seniors is a source of inspiration for everyone”.

Maddie loves working as a Case Manager with Prestige. She has a background as an Enrolled Nurse and worked in cardiology but missed the connection to clients once they left hospital. Maddie, who moved from nursing, to residential aged care and then to case management for Prestige Inhome Care, tells us,

“ I have found the role that I always needed in my life”.

In this recent interview it becomes clear that Maddie is passionate about her work and clients and we see why ACCPA have endorsed her as an Aged Care Champion.


What do you like most about your job as a Case Manager?

Honestly, it’s the sense of community I have with my clients. Being someone they can rely on to provide solutions, support and share a good ‘pity giggle’ at my terrible ‘dad jokes’. My clients are so much fun, so appreciative, and they are the reason I love my role as a Case Manager.

What is the most important thing you do to help clients?

As someone who has worked in hospitals for 7 years, I have seen the acute side of healthcare, and the determination patients have to be back home and live independently in their homes. I truly believe that independence is such a vital and important right for our clients, and to assist to provide this is an honour.

How closely do you work with your clients?

I establish with all my clients, that their in-home care is a collaborative journey. Everyone is involved and we lean on each other for support. I may check in with them monthly, but some months it is daily. Working alongside my clients, the family, GP’s, hospitals and allied health teams, we ensure that our clients are the focus and their care plan is tailored to their needs.

How do Others At Prestige Add Value To The Service You Provide?

I could not do my job as a Case Manager without the wonderful support and guidance of the Client Services team. Robyn is our Premium Client Services Coordinator in the Sunshine Coast, and she plays the most important role for our clients. Robyn has a skilled and beautiful team of carers, and she goes above and beyond when matching them with our clients and their families.

I also could not be more proud and in awe of our direct care staff. The positive feedback I received from my clients about their carers fills my heart. I know when I go in to meet with a client for the first time, that I have a wonderful and supportive team behind me. They hold Prestige values close to their heart and bring them into the homes of all our clients. I could not speak more highly of our carers.

Fun Fact: “I am a karaoke star, I will never say no to dinner and karaoke”.