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Nick and Thea share what Easter means to them

With many of us excitedly preparing to celebrate Easter, we asked our leaders (and brother and sister duo), Nick and Thea, to share what Easter means to them and their fondest memories. 

Nick McDonald, CEO:

Easter is about family. My kids are still young enough to love an Easter egg hunt, and my five-year-old, Jack, still believes in the Easter Bunny, so it brings great joy to my whole family to wake up and discover what the Easter Bunny has left us.

I remember clear as a bell when I was a child eating all my Easter eggs on the first day, Easter Sunday, and then agonisingly watching my brother leave his on a shelf in his bedroom until they turned dry and spotty months later. I begged him to let me devour them if he didn’t want them, but he thought he might eat them one day. A very good reflection on the differences in our personalities.

Thea McCroary, COO: 

For me, Easter is a time to come together with family and close friends. To slow down and enjoy being together over a lovely meal, and of course, lots of chocolate!

It’s also the end of Lent, and I’ve given up ice cream so I’m looking forward to indulging in a big bowl of English Toffee (my favourite flavour since I was a child) with my three boys while we snuggle up on the couch to watch an Easter movie.

When I think about Easters of the past, I’m instantly brought back to the joy of waking up as a child on Easter Sunday, seeing what the Easter Bunny had left me, before excitedly running down the hallway to discover what he’d left my brothers. There were also endless Easter egg hunts, with my brothers always finishing with way more eggs than me, and a delicious family roast after Sunday mass.  

On behalf of the entire Prestige Inhome Care team:

Nick and Thea wish everyone in our community a very happy and safe Easter.

The Prestige Inhome Care head office team

To our staff members who have so willingly agreed to support our clients throughout the Easter break, we thank you. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to provide crucial care and support to many clients who would otherwise be alone or unsupported this Easter.