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Prestige launches “Say G’Day” Campaign to acknowledge Victoria’s elderly this Christmas

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This week Prestige Inhome Care announced the launch of its inaugural “Say G’Day” campaign.

“Say G’Day” aims to recognise the increasing number of elderly people who will spend the upcoming Christmas holiday period alone.

Over 700,000 people over 65 currently live alone, with 14% of the national number of over 65’s residing in Victoria – the second largest percentage of elderly people in Australia. By 2026 the number of people living alone is estimated to be between 2.8 and 3.1m with 24% of that figure being over 75’s by 2021. This means that a significant percentage will also be in the 65 plus range.*

As the population ages and with generations of families less likely to live together, the probability of informal care and social support diminishes.

CEO of Prestige Inhome Care, Nick McDonald has some simple suggestions for getting involved in “Say G’Day” on 15 December to acknowledge those who may find themselves alone this Christmas.

“Say hi to someone you see walking by themselves, offer to help carry shopping or simply smile and ask if a person needs any help. It only takes a moment to say hello or lend a hand, but will mean the world to people having someone think of them on the day.”

To encourage you to “Say G’Day”, Prestige Inhome Care are offering the opportunity to WIN* a month’s worth of care for your loved one valued at $1,500. To enter, visit the Prestige Inhome Care facebook page.


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