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The pets and plants that have brought joy to our time in lockdown

Every day we aspire to find the joy, even when we’re not physically together.

To celebrate the little things that have made our extended time at home so much brighter, we asked our Prestige family to share their pets and plants with us and tell us how they’ve brought joy – something that’s so important for our health and wellbeing – to their time in lockdown.


Role: NDIS Admin Coordinator

Plants: A family of potted succulents

“I’ve had some established succulents for years. I harvest small parts from them to build succulent gardens or smaller potted succulents. Tending to them during lockdown and making sure they’re happy and healthy has helped me focus on something other than the news and worrying about things outside of my control.”


Role: Funded Programs Team Leader

Pet: Aussie bulldog named Gussy aka smooshy face monster

“Since rescuing Gus from a shelter last year, when the first lockdown began, this smooshy face has brought so much love and joy (and chewed up shoes and books!) to our family. He’s a big goof ball and very cheeky at times. But he’s also made me laugh and get out of my head during the extended lockdown periods, demanding that I go to bed at 8:00pm so he can get under the cover with me and sleep, aka hog the whole bed.

From the smooshy face cuddles he gives when you’re feeling sad to the fun that’s had when chasing him around the park, I now can’t imagine life without him.”


Role: NDIS Sign Up Consultant

Pet: Cocker spaniel named Coco

“Coco has been great company for me and the kids. She sleeps in her bed behind me most days while I work, occasionally coming over for a pat, or when she sees or smells food, hoping she’ll get a little bite.”


Role: Administration and Facilities Team Leader

Pet: Long-haired cat named Tayja  

“I moved into my own place last year just as the long second lockdown began. That’s when I got Tayja. She’s been a lifesaver since then, with no other company around she’s become not only a companion, but a best friend.

The word Tayja means little gem or gift of God, which is perfectly fitting because she really has been a gift to me.”


Role: Communications Specialist

Pet: Staffy named Tabasco

“Since bringing Tabasco home six months ago he’s brought so much life into our home.

He’s a great companion on a workday when I’m at home by myself, and a great motivator to get out of bed and go for a walk each morning. We’ve met many neighbours on our walks which has been a great way to connect with others given lockdown limits our daily interactions.”  


Role: Marketing Coordinator

Pet: Golden retriever named Sada

“Sada loves cuddles with the kids and coming on family walks and bike rides. She’s always up for a pat and loves entertaining my daughter Remi.”  


Role: Marketing Administration Officer

Pet: Cavoodle named Frankie

“Frankie is a COVID puppy. We got her during last year’s lockdown. She’s been a great distraction and source of company throughout the many lockdowns.”


Role: Marketing Manager

Plants: Veggie garden

“We have a very small veggie garden in our courtyard. Helping my husband maintain it has been such a great family activity during lockdown. It has lifted all our spirits. We grow herbs like parsley, rosemary and mint, plus tomatoes and potatoes.”


Role: Funded Programs Team Leader

Plants: Many! She’s a self-confessed ‘plant addict’

“My plant collection started in last year’s second lockdown. From there, every time a lockdown happened, I would buy a new plant. There was one lockdown where I felt all the feelings, so I ordered multiple plants in one hit. The plants bring a really nice, calm vibe to my house, and have worked well in physically breaking up my lounge room which doubles as my office. My favourite is the peace lily because it lets me know when it needs to be watered by dropping its leaves.”


Role: Personal Care Attendant

Pets: Cats named Libby and Mickey

“Libby and Mickey are my world, and main source of company in lockdown. I’ve had Libby, who is now 13 years old, since she was six weeks old. And I adopted Mickey three years ago.”


Role: Personal Care Attendant

Pets: Rabbits named Betty and Theo

“We adopted Betty and Theo from the RSPCA two months ago for my daughter who has depression and anxiety. She loves taking care of people and her new pets Betty and Theo, it keeps her busy and makes her feel better about herself.” 


Role: Care Worker

Pets: Dogs

Here are Sheena’s girls. 


Role: Customer Service Officer

Plants: See office photo

Jayne had a dream to create a garden office. This is her progress so far.


Role: Personal Care Attendant

Pet: Mylo

This is Mylo the chihuahua, adopted during last year’s lockdown. He’s 1 now.