At Prestige, all of our staff have a genuine commitment to providing care that is outside of the ordinary. We strive to provide the highest possible standard of care: dedicated, professional care workers committed to helping people live in their own homes as happily and independently as they can. We understand that the quality of our services and the outcomes for our clients are only as good as the staff providing this support.

We are passionate about people and encouraging our staff to grow and develop. We invest in a unique and comprehensive induction program, where staff are trained in accordance with all Prestige Policies and Procedures. We want to ensure that the fantastic people we employ understand the way we do things at Prestige. That they appreciate our expectations and the uncompromising standards that we hold all of our team to.

The induction is fun, interactive, thorough and engaging and the feedback from staff who have undertaken the program is extremely positive.

Once staff have completed their induction, they are then able to provide support to our clients. Their professional development however, does not end there! All staff are required to participate in our ongoing professional development and education program.

At Prestige we believe that investing in staff, getting the induction right and setting clear expectations from the begining have an enormous impact on our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations and is one of the reasons we have the very best care staff in the industry.