As a means of giving back to our community, Prestige Inhome Care sponsors a range of local organisations and individuals.

Such sponsorship relationships have enabled Prestige to become more visible in the local community and to give something back to the people who support us.

Treasure Chest Inc.

Treasure Chest is a registered, independent, not-for-profit charity based in Melbourne Victoria, and championed by committed volunteers. Treasure Chest Inc. was founded in 2006 by Pratika Lal, a woman who has undergone breast cancer twice and continues to undergo treatment. During her treatment time Pratika met a lot of women struggling with long wait times to complete their treatments, enduring hardships, confused over information, support and how to find it, losing hair and all the other indignities and struggles that come with diseases such as breast cancer. Pratika founded Treasure Chest Inc primarily to raise funds to support The Royal Women’s and Royal Melbourne Hospitals Shared Breast Services to provide equipment and resources to improve access to, and quality of, breast reconstruction services for patients undergoing beast cancer treatment in the Victorian public health system.

We recently received the following thanks from someone who received valued support from Treasure Chest, with Prestige Inhome Care backing:

The day after my 37th birthday I found out that I may have breast cancer. A few weeks later it was confirmed that I had a large tumour in my left breast which would require surgery. On top of the cancer diagnosis I also have other health issues including Depression, Anxiety and Fibromyalgia (chronic pain condition).

After the mastectomy and reconstruction, which is an ongoing procedure over several months, I was told I would need to rest the left shoulder and arm for several weeks and to continue to go easy with my left side for several months whilst the reconstruction period was continuing. I was very worried about how I would cope as I am a single woman living on my own, with no children and my relatives either live in the country or are busy with their own lives. I didn’t want to be a burden on my family and ask them to do my housework and shopping for me but I knew I would need help as I had already been struggling with domestic duties and shopping for years due to the Fibromyalgia.

I spoke to one of the Breast Care Nurses at the Royal Women’s Hospital about whether there was any help available for me and she was able to tell me straight away that she could offer me a 30 hour gift voucher for Prestige Inhome Care which was donated by Treasure Chest. It was an immediate relief to know that was one thing that I didn’t have to worry about whilst I was going through one of the most stressful periods of my life. I felt special, to be given so many hours and when I rang Prestige Inhome Care I spoke to a lovely Care Coordinator who allowed me the flexibility to sort out when and how sponsored I wanted to use those hours.

Prestige Inhome Care have been really accommodating, they found me a lovely carer, who I get along really well with and when I have to change the schedule, to attend medical appointments, they have always been understanding and been able to support shifts for me. It’s felt really good to have this ongoing support funded by Treasure Chest, it’s given me a sense of value.”

Watch the video via the link below about the dedicated Treasure Chest rooms and patients that have benefited from the breast care services at The Royal Woman’s Hospital.


Surf Coast Parkinson Support Group

Prestige Inhome Care recently supported and sponsored the Surf Coast Parkinson Support Group. The group organised Dr Peter Batchelor – one of Geelong’s leading neurosurgeons – to speak at its monthly meeting. Prestige Inhome Care staff were also invited to share information about our services and to participate in a fun and important exercise called ‘Parkinsong’, which assists people with Parkinson’s Disease by exercising their vocal cords and throat muscles. Up to 45 people with Parkinson’s disease and their carers attend the group’s monthly meetings.

Active support for our community

Prestige currently sponsors Triathlon Response Group, Hampton Bowls Club, Bayside Triathlon Club and many other local organisations.

Prestige is always looking for opportunities to support local organisations or activities, so if you have such an opportunity please contact us.


Black Rock Football Netball Club

Prestige currently sponsors the Black Rock Jets. Based out of MacDonald Reserve, the Black Rock Jets are always looking for new members and players of all skills levels and experience. They field three senior football and three senior netball teams in the Southern Football Netball League competition and pride themselves on being a club that the local Black Rock community an be proud of. Visit their web site and Facebook page to find out more about the club and their upcoming community events.