15 Advantages of In Home Care

Nurse with client - taking blood pressure

Selecting the right form of care for you or your loved one can be an overwhelming and challenging task. The many options each come with their own point of difference, but finding these can often require a great deal of time and research. Below we have listed what we feel are the 15 greatest advantages of in home care in the hope that we can make this process slightly easier for you:

  1. Your own familiar environment surrounded by the things you know and love.
  2. Decreased falls risk as a result of familiarity and routine.
  3. Personalised care.
  4. Choose your carers depending on your own preferences and build a rapport.
  5. Ability to customise the type of care, along with when and for how long you need/want it.
  6. Maintain independence with an active service model.
  7. Access to services like Case Management and CSC support at no extra cost.
  8. Generally cheaper than other options.
  9. Flexibility as care needs change. For example the ability to turn the care on and off if family or informal support is available.
  10. One on one personalised focus and attention.
  11. Increased freedom and ability to maintain community connections and routine.
  12. No restricted visiting hours.
  13. No spreading of illnesses from other residents.
  14. Avoids having to move further away from loved ones.
  15. Studies have shown people who remain at home are happier.