Angela Rudock had teenagers when she took the plunge to return to University to make her passion for Palliative Care and Social Work a reality. Now, years later, she is helping people every day during this important time.

It takes courage to return to University later in life, but that is exactly what social worker Angela Rudock did to pursue her passion for palliative care. Today, Angela works in one of Melbourne’s leading specialist palliative care hospitals, where clients are provided with medical support, nursing, pastoral care, counselling and physiotherapy, before returning home in most cases to be comfortable and supported by the team at Prestige Inhome Care at this important time in their lives.

Sitting down with Prestige Inhome Care CEO Nick McDonald, Angela shares her personal journey to palliative care and shares some of the special moments that provide so much meaning to the work she so passionately does.

“When my kids where in high school I decided to go back to Uni and I did a Social Work degree. I’d been inspired by some social workers I had met many years ago and I thought about palliative care, because that is one of my true passions. So, I geared my whole degree towards working in hospitals and medical type social work,” said Angela.

“You meet such incredible people and I feel so lucky that I get to spend this period of time with families and the patient because there are only certain things that you have once in your life.”

Angela’s ability to impact this time for people is a powerful and rewarding experience.

“Earlier this week, I met an absolutely beautiful family and we were having a really in-depth conversation and as I was getting ready to ask the patient a question I could feel myself starting to cry because this family was just so wonderfully connected and I could start to see them crying. It was just incredibly rewarding that everyone was on the same page and just to hear this family and the patient, their responses and how they had adapted. To be part of that is such a privilege.”

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