Beyond Blue’s Professional Education to Aged Care- A Great Resource for Anyone Caring for the Elderly

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Studies and statistics consistently show us that older Australians are in a high risk category when it comes to developing anxiety and depression.

We know that men over the age of 85 have the highest suicide rate in the population, and that those requiring a high level of care in order to stay at home are twice as likely to develop depression than those requiring a low level of care. We also know that older Australians are more likely to experience things such as physical illness, personal loss, or social isolation, which put them at a higher risk of mental illness.

It is for this reason that Beyond Blue has developed the Professional Education to Aged Care (PEAC) Program.The program is run online and aims to improve the detection and management of anxiety and depression in residential and community aged care settings.

PEAC is appropriate for a variety of different staff working in the aged care industry, with an enrolment process that aims to direct users to the most relevant course for them. However, it is also useful for family members or friends dealing with an elderly loved one who may be suffering from anxiety and depression, if only to grasp a better understanding of the unique causes, symptoms and management of mental illness in elderly Australians.

The modules in the program include:

  1. Understanding anxiety and depression
  2. Anxiety and depression in older people
  3. Promoting the mental health of community aged care clients
  4. Promoting the mental health of aged care residents
  5. Identifying and responding to suicide in aged care settings (new)
  6. Managing anxiety and depression in aged care clients and residents
  7. Looking after your mental health at work (new)

Beyond Blue’s Professional Education to Aged Care Program can be found by clicking here.

Source: Beyond Blue