Carer Nina shares what makes her feel good and why she loves her role as a carer

Portrait of Carer Nina

Nina has always enjoyed caring for others. With an infectious smile and a warmth that sees many people open up to her on a daily basis, Nina has a knack for making people feel good. One of the many traits that makes Nina such a wonderful carer and valued member of the Prestige Inhome Care team.

With such a positive outlook and so much passion, the team from Prestige Inhome Care were exited to sit down with Nina and ask ‘What makes you feel good, day to day?’ Nina’s response showed her connection with nature, and how this plays a fundamental role in her happiness.

As well as taking us through her own thoughts on the special moments she shares with her clients as a Prestige Inhome Carer, Nina also spoke of the generous and kind qualities needed to be a carer in the industry, celebrating the unique and valued traits of those choosing this honourable profession.

Watch the full video of Prestige InHome Care’s Nina as she speaks of kindness, nature and feeling good.