Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychologist Perri Curtis on caring for the carer

Prestige Inhome Care is no stranger to the wisdom of Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychologist Perri Curtis.

You can see our previous chat with Perri here and learn more about how Perri become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

It’s a fascinating journey that stretches from a successful career in private practice through to running a university program on Applied Neuroscience.

On learning of Perri’s recent project, we sought out to learn more about what the exceptional and insightful Perri Curtis has been up to.

This time, Perri shared a personal story. One that she bravely shares to help others.

“My journey of becoming a carer is very much like many people,” said Perri in her suite within Sanctuary Wellbeing.

“They don’t see it coming. There is no expectation. It’s just somebody you love, whether it’s a husband or a wife, or a son or daughter, mother or father or even a friend, is suddenly sick.”

“It’s a terrible shock to the system. And no matter who you are, whether or not you are from a caring background as a Doctor or a Nurse or a professional carer, when it is somebody close to you, it becomes incredibly stressful.”

“When I talk to other people who have gone through the experience, that is the first thing they say. They say ‘I had no idea how stressful it would be’. Because you are untrained for it.”

“I married one of the healthiest people you would ever imagine. World class triathlete, Australian Ironman Champion. Came down with a bad case of cancer and nobody expected that.”

“It can strike anyone. We’d only been married five or six years so it was a big shock.”

“I am a psychologist a neuroscientist and all of these with clinical hypnotherapy and people have an assumption that you are going to be ok because of your background. But it’s so not true. It’s so close to home and there is no way to prepare for it.”

Perri shares that one of the best things you can do is ask for help.

“Very early on in the piece I started looking for a roadmap. A roadmap to be a carer and also care for yourself. There is so much information on how to be a carer and what you must do as a carer but the one thing that I couldn’t find was how to care for the carer.”

Perri Curtis never wants anyone to fly blind so she began to write.

“I began to write with the idea in mind of just making a short list of the things that I learned being a carer and the journey that I was on. It turned into a book. Which is great. Because it’s a nice short book.”

“You don’t need to do it the hard way. We need to do it as easy as possible. Because we only have so much time, attention and energy. So you want to spend it on something worthwhile. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel.”

“If somebody has already made the wheel. Use the wheel. So, I made a wheel.”

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