Everyday, Prestige Inhome Care Relationship Manager Nina discovers a new story and develops a new solution for those wanting to maintain their independence at home. It is a diverse and varied role, and for Nina, she cares about it all.

Relationships, connection and care are all central to Nina’s life at Prestige Inhome Care. Every day, Nina is out in the community speaking with people about the solutions and services at hand that can help individuals maintain their independence at home, often bringing to light a whole new world that was previously unknown.

“A lot of people don’t know that there are services like ours and providers like us out there, so it is really great to say ‘this is what we do’ and ‘do you know you can access these types of services and that we can help you stay at home and be independent.’”

Nina’s friendly and approachable manner and enthusiasm for life brings a sense of familiarity to those who speak with her. Day to day, Nina is out in the community talking to the very people who talk to clients needing support and care.

“My role is to go and talk to anyone who might be talking to potential clients or people who might need our services. That includes hospital staff, discharge planners, social workers, OT’s, allied health personnel, GP’s. Anyone who would have contact with patients or people who might need help at home.”

“I love that we are helping people. It is such a rewarding and diverse industry to be involved in.”

Connecting people with the right solutions is at the heart of Nina’s role at Prestige Inhome Care, and for Nina, she cares about it all.

“I really enjoy nature. Getting out on the beach. I love exercise and going to the gym. Going for bit of a run. I also love the trampoline,” Nina jokes upon seeing a trampoline off camera. Much like her role, Nina jumps right into it, quickly removing her shoes to enjoy a few moments jumping on the trampoline. “Not so good at it now post children.”

It is Nina’s passion, knowledge and know-how that makes her shine, always listening to what individuals may need and finding the right solution for them.

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