In the lead up to Men’s Health Week in June, Nick McDonald speaks to exercise physiologist Trent Malcolm about the benefits of exercise at all ages.

Well-known bayside Exercise Physiologist Trent Malcolm, founder of Active One, is not short of stories of success when it comes to providing benefits to lifestyle for individuals taking up exercise at any stage of their life. Sitting down with CEO of Prestige Inhome Care Nick McDonald, Trent shares some interesting insights into this important area of health as well as some of the simple steps individuals can take when wanting to improve their health at any age.

Having spent years building and developing bayside’s central hub for good health and exercise, Active One, Trent has inspired a community of locals to adopt changes and programs to help find strength and optimise wellbeing as they age. The overwhelming results from a commitment to increase fitness through specialised programs and Trent’s approach bring a story of hope to those who would otherwise not consider exercise as a viable part of their life in their older age.

With Men’s Health Week just around the corner in June, Nick also explores with Trent some of the issues impacting men’s health throughout their life, including some of the specific factors to consider when working towards an active lifestyle and positive approach to health.