Leading the Way in Aged Care

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Aged care is more than just looking after the physical health of a patient, it’s also about looking after and providing for their mental and emotional wellbeing. That’s what Aged Care Insite; one of Australia’s most esteemed aged care magazines, had in mind when it commissioned an article on Positive Ageing.

The article is intended to explore how the issue of positive ageing needs to be at the forefront of the aged agenda for the ‘benefit of older people and the economy.’ Needing reliable and knowledgeable sources for the piece, they sought out Prestige Founder, Nick McDonald, to utilise the wealth of experience he has amassed in his 20 years as a qualified nurse, to find out his opinion on positive ageing and how Prestige is actively working with our clients to stimulate healthy minds and bodies.

One aspect of that ethos is keeping people in their own homes for longer, so that they remain as independent as possible for longer, as Nick states in the article: ““The first thing any family member says to us is that their grandparent or parent doesn’t want to leave the family home. So, we provide a range of services that enable support from one hour a day or week up to 24 hours a day. These range from personal care, transport, socialising through to helping out with chores around the home.

“We find the more we positively engage the resident in the activities, allowing them to do what they are still able, the better they feel about themselves and the happier they are.”

The article is live here – you’ll need to sign up to the site but this is free and features a number of great articles that span the aged care issue. It will also be available in the magazine this month so be sure to check it out.