Meditation expert, Kat John shares simple steps to make you feel good

Kat John, Meditation expert

Meditation Expert Kat John is no stranger to finding ways to make yourself feel good, dedicating the last three years of her life to the empowering and positive meditation practices that can help battle pain, promote happiness and help you to feel good at any stage in life.

With Feel Good February 2017 happening all around Australia, Prestige Inhome Care CEO Nick McDonald was compelled to sit down and ask industry best Kat John what makes her feel good, and her responses will surprise.

As well as tackling her own illnesses, Nick discovered in his interview with Kat that there is a much greater story behind her journey to wellness, reflecting on her own individual struggles and hurdles that life threw her way, healed only by a new-found interest and commitment in what has now become a central part of her everyday life, meditation.

Watch the full video of Prestige Inhome Care CEO Nick McDonald with Meditation Expert, Kat John