Mental Health is important for all people of all ages. Nick McDonald sits down with founder of Dancing with the Black Dog, Mark Pacitti, as he shares his personal and candid story of dealing with his own mental health issues.

It’s something that needs to be acknowledged, addressed, recognised and accepted. That is the overarching message in this month’s Focus On Series, where Prestige Inhome Care CEO Nick McDonald speaks to expert and Founder of Dancing with the Black Dog Mark Pacitti about the impact of depression and anxiety on your life and the positive steps you can take to find help when you need it.

Throughout life, it is important to not only be aware of your own mental health, says Mark, but also to know that it is ok to head to your local GP or an organisation such as Beyond Blue to talk through some of the issues you are facing and gauge how you are feeling in the safety of a confidential discussion.

Having spent many years battling his own mental health issues, Mark bravely speaks out about his first hand experience with the disease, as well as sharing his knowledge and know-how gained through listening to peoples stories and comments around this important issue.

For further support or assistance with Mental Health, please contact Beyond Blue or your local GP, who will provide the professional assistance and care needed when facing issues of this nature in your life.