Nicky Johnston, Illustrator of ‘Grandma Forgets’, talks about hope, memories and creating the images that have put this important Children’s story on the global map.

Author, Illustrator, Educator and Speaker Nicky Johnston sits in her inspiring studio surrounded by images, drawings and imaginings when Prestige Inhome care visits to speak about the children’s book that is capturing the attention of the world.

Following the successful launch of ‘Grandma Forgets’ last year, a book dedicated to communicating the impact of dementia on families and children, Prestige Inhome Care wanted to again catch up with Nicky and reflect on the impactful response the book has had on a global scale.

Reported on in the UK by the BBC along with key Australian media, Nicky has been overwhelmed with the response to the story of ‘Grandma Forgets’, which has now not only gained the attention of the UK, but has drawn the attention of the US, listed as one of the top 50 books allocated to elementary schools nationwide.

“Prestige helped us launch the book and it was so well received,” said Nicky. “We had families who were affected previously by alzheimer’s or dementia, families who are currently seeking knowledge and books to read to their grandchildren, and it’s nice to have something with hope and remembering the good stuff, which is the memories. And at the end of the day, you love that person for who they are.”

As Nicky flips through the pages of the book, she speaks of her personal favourites, their individual meaning and why they are so personally important to her.

With the original illustrations hanging above our heads, it was truly inspiring to see how a Nicky Johnston transforms a series of colours, ideas and imaginings into a new world for families and children to learn from.

With words by Paul Russell and Illustrations by Nicky Johnston, Grandma Forgets is a book that leaves a lasting impression, just as Nicky Johnston does. To learn more about Grandma Forgets, visit

Watch the full video of Prestige Inhome Care’s chat with Illustrator of Grandma Forgets, Nicky Johnston.