Physio and Fitness Clinic’s Principal Physiotherapist Morgan Deegan shares why it is always important to look at individual goals when it comes to fitness, at any age.

Within walking distance to the beautiful bayside beach of Seaford, Physio and Fitness Clinic sits on Nepean Highway servicing locals near and far to help achieve their individual physio and fitness goals.

Sitting down with Principal Physiotherapist and Practice Director Morgan Deegan, Prestige Inhome Care discovered the varied and vast scope of clients who regularly visit the clinic, each looking to either address injury and mobility issues or simply improve their overall fitness to achieve their personal goals.

With a long history working with athletes and ‘weekend warriors’, Morgan also has an interest in biomechanical issues, running injuries, post-operative care and exercise rehabilitation, helping people of all ages to better enjoy life.

“We really pride ourselves on looking at our clients from a wholistic point of view and helping them to get the best from there body,” said Morgan. “We really like to look at everyone individually.”

“Somebody might come in and they will be wanting to be able to walk two kilometres pain free so they can go get their newspaper or there might be somebody else whose priority it is to sit for an extended period of time if they are going for a holiday.”

It is this tailored approach that has resulted in the positive outcomes that each specialised program at Physio and Fitness Clinic works to achieve.

Morgan shared a story of a client who was in her mid 50’s and wanted to safely and comfortably travel to Europe. Still relatively active and working, the client said that she was worried she would not be able to sit for the length of time required for the flight.

“I looked at her during the session, assessed her and we worked out a game plan for her that includes some home exercises. She is also keen to do a little bit of our group Pilates and a walking program to help build up her endurance,” said Morgan.

“She walked out of here absolutely beaming because she now knows that we have come to the root of the problem and therefore we can then create that proper game plan that is specific for her. It is going to work around her lifestyle so that we can get her to achieve that goal which is obviously being able to sit for the length of time required.”

“That’s really why I became a Physiotherapist,” said Morgan. “To help people achieve their goals.”

Physio and Fitness Clinic helps clients at any age. Some clients visit to find help to run a marathon while others come from a home where they have a live in carer, a domestic helper, an in home nurse or other aged care services that are provided by Prestige Inhome Care.

The focus is the same. Helping to make people’s lives better and more comfortable.

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