After a successful career in private practice and running a university program on Applied Neuroscience, Psychologist Perri Curtis shares her journey to becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

There are some interactions that truly inspire you. They are so intriguing that you are left wondering and imagining all the possibilities. All the answers.

That is the feeling that you have when meeting extraordinary Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Perri Curtis.

From her suite in The Sanctuary – Wellbeing, Mt Eliza, Perri sat down with the team at Prestige Inhome Care to discuss her personal journey to becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a fascinating insight into how this accomplished and inspirational thought leader evolved her traditional career in psychology into the new world of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and how this move has helped many individuals change for the better.

“I started off as a psychologist and I am still a psychologist but I was in a private practice in a more traditional way and I got into corporate consulting as well,” said Perri. “I was running a program at University on applied Neuroscience and a lovely man came into my group one day and he said I would love for you to create a program for my executive team, and he turned out to be the CEO of a major airline in Australia.”

That is the moment Perri says pulled her into thinking of how to work with a group and how to create brain changes so that the group behaves differently, which led Perri into Hypnosis.

“I had never considered studying hypnotherapy because it was not taught at a University level when I was training, but I had a student one day ask me about what is called a neural map. We have a neural map for everything we know how to think or do or feel,” said Perri. “And he said ‘what happens if you stimulate a neural map for something like anxiety or depression?’”

It was this discussion that led Perri on a path to exploring the differences between Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

In this fascinating interview, Perri Curtis shares the result of this conversation and the path that followed which has helped to change and assist many individuals in combatting their own set of challenges, through understanding the brain, how it works and how it can change.

Watch the full video of our chat with Perri.