LGBTI is an abbreviation for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex communities.

Research has shown that for a long time many older people from the LGBTI communities did not feel consistently safe in disclosing their sexual identity or orientation to mainstream healthcare providers due to a fear of discrimination. This obviously can create an enormous barrier to accessing necessary health care services and even more importantly the identification and development of specific supports and services tailored to meet the needs of these communities.

The healthcare system has worked long and hard to ensure that all specific need groups have their needs met including culturally and linguistically diverse communtiies, those with mental health issues, Veterans and those in rural and remote areas.

For the Government, the LGBTI community has only recently come onto the radar as a group with specific and unique care needs. This is evident in the 'Living Longer, Living Better' aged care reform package and the recently established National GLBTI Health Alliance.

We appreciate that older gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex people have their own individual requirements when it comes to receiving support at home and remaining independent in their communities.

For several years now Prestige has been working to provide access and support services that are sensitive to the needs of the LGBTI community. All staff have training and education in issues of importance to older LGBTI people, ensuring that their care is sensitive and appropriate, and that services are sensitive to their backgrounds and circumstances.

Everyone should be able to feel comfortable and confident receiving services in their own homes, and at Prestige we strive to ensure people from all walks of life can achieve this outcome.

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