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Respectful experienced carers to support you when you need it.

Palliative care offers the same level of expertise and support you would receive in a hospice, at a hospital or with specialists, but palliative care gives you more options and greater choices plus the comfort and privacy that only your own home can offer.

We understand the intricacies and challenges of supporting a loved one with an advanced or life threatening illness. Everyday Prestige Inhome Care supports clients and their families during this difficult time by giving them the opportunity to spend their last stages or final moments in their own home, surrounded by the people and things that they love.

Every aspect of in-home palliative is
completely tailored to each client.

Flexible, personalised palliative care

Fulfilling a loved one’s wish to live out their days at home can be stressful, demanding and often confusing. Prestige Inhome Care takes care of everything so you can focus on the things most important to you.

Every aspect of in home palliative care is completely tailored to each client. Prestige Inhome Care can accommodate most cultural requirements, spiritual needs and special requests.

Your Case Manager will work with you to establish a flexible, tailored, unique support program, which is reviewed regularly ensuring, we meet your changing needs and those of your loved one.

Prestige Inhome Care offers the highest quality care with the flexibility to start, stop and change your care or move to hospice at anytime, for any reason.

Medically sound: we work with multidisciplinary teams, specialists, hospitals and anybody who is involved in your care. Our clients and their loved ones are supported by our clinical team who have extensive palliative experience and knowledge to deliver the highest level of quality care.

Flexible: start, stop and change your care / carers or move to hospital / hospice at anytime for any reason. Our clients are not locked into a set number of hours so you can increase or decrease as needed or even cancel at last minute if circumstances change.

Client centred care: it is more effective, comforting and dignifying to receive individualised care on a one-to-one basis in your home rather than be one of many patients tended by many nurses in a hospital.

Shared care facilitation: we work with hospice and acute palliative services such as doctors, GPs and Hospital In The Home, Pal Care Australia Bethlehem and Cabrini to provide seamless care and support inline with any specialist requirements.

Choice of Caregivers: we endeavour to match palliative care and nurses to specific clients requests and needs – gender/religion/language/sexuality/experience etc.

Experienced and specifically trained: carers, nurses and office staff are highly experienced and extensively trained in the intricacies of palliative care plus your care team will be specifically trained according to your situation, conditions and needs.

Ease suffering: active treatment, dietary advice, and medication support manage the symptoms and the course of the disease to relieve pain, discomfort and suffering.

Supporting family and loved one’s: an important part of palliative care is supporting family and loved ones during this difficult time with everything from hospitality, house work and meal preparation to organising bereavement services.

Extra mile: going above and beyond is something that many palliative carers state, but it is something Prestige Inhome Care actually delivers! View our client testimonials page

Save: we have partnerships with many allied health professionals and equipment providers e.g. Statewide, Independence Australia, TANA – often offering cheaper rates and reduced waiting times for equipment.

Responsive: 24 hour support and advice, quick replies to questions and requests. In many cases we can start on the same day if required.

Prestige Inhome Care has earned an outstanding reputation over many years of delivering the very best private care and nursing available!

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What is the process?

  1. After a telephone discussion about your needs and current situation, we organise a convenient time for an in-home consultation with you and your family members.
  2. One of our experienced team members will meet you to answer any questions, conduct a care needs assessment, explain how we can assist, construct a tailored care plan and quotation.
  3. To ensure our clients receive the best quality care, your service needs are forwarded to our Service Coordinator team. One of our Care Coordinators will call you to discuss if, how or when you wish Prestige Inhome Care to deliver the care.

At Prestige Inhome Care we take the time to understand participants’ palliative care needs so we can deliver the highest quality care!

What’s next?

Simply call 1300 10 30 10 to have your Palliative Care and Palliative Nurse questions answered and organise a FREE, no obligation in-home consultation.