Record breaking Athlete, student and diligent support worker. Meet the exceptional Noah.

Once a week, school-aged Noah arrives at the front gate and is greeted with a beaming smile.

It is a break from school and his relentless training efforts on the athletic track where four times a week, including all day Sunday, he prepares for his event. The Decathlon.

Ten events. One competition. Many competitors.

Noah’s achievements in this highly challenging sport have seen him break records and attract the attention of scouts who could one day place him on the world stage.

However once a week, when he approaches this particular front gate, Noah takes off his hat of exceptional athlete and puts on his hat of exceptional support worker, for a young boy experiencing disabilities.

“It’s really fun,” smiles Noah when we spoke to him alongside a local athletic track. “I get to show him how to do certain things and he shows me things he is really interested in.”

Noah has a wisdom about him that transcends age and as he shares his story of being a support worker at Prestige Inhome Care, he shines light on the individual moments he shares with his client, describing the way he feels when having such a positive impact on someone’s life.

“The other day we sat down for about an hour just making model planes because he is absolutely infatuated with model planes. Some days it’s just doing homework with him which can be a struggle but we get through it and it’s always good to see a smile on his face at the end of the day.”

Noah feels a sense of connection with this fascination with one particular interest and believes this element helps him to understand how his client may feel when facing his challenges.

“I know how he feels when people don’t understand his real passion for something. As I was growing up I was always passionate about something at a certain time,” said Noah. “To really have someone to engage with has been great and I just feel happy because I know I am making an impact in his life and it’s always good to see him smile.”

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