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Extraordinary People: Marie Turns 100!

Prestige Inhome Care recently sent special birthday messages  to our extraordinary client Marie who turned 100.

It was a pleasure to learn more about Marie’s extraordinary life and her favourite memories. Marie spoke with Relationship Manager, Alex.

A Childhood Spent Riding

In April 1923, Marie was born in Williamstown, Melbourne. Thinking back on her early childhood, Marie reflected fondly on her time spent horse riding and of her childhood horse, Toppsy.  “I used to love riding my horse, she was a blue roan”.

Family Life

Marie remembers her family life as being very active. Her mother was an avid golfer and would often take the kids to Altona to the golf course. Despite the wind, Mary and her family got used to the wild weather and enjoyed putting holes.  

Marie loved to spend days near the beach and seaside, and was a frequent visitor to St. Kilda, wearing a bikini (said with a wink). In her twenties, when she wasn’t swimming or riding her blue roan horse, Marie was often seen at the ice skating rink the ‘Glacarium’ in South Melbourne. “Ice skating was one of the more popular activities for young adults in the 1940s, so I often went there a few times a week,” Marie recalled.

Life, 100 years on

Now in her tenth decade of life, Marie is supported by her lovely Prestige carers, including Martha, Manpreet, Margaret and Glorie. “We have a very nice relationship and I look forward to not only seeing them every day but also the porridge, Martha makes me every morning,” Marie said. Marie says that her carers have been the key to keeping her as active as possible and healthy.  

When she isn’t with Martha, Marie always looks forward to seeing her daughter Carolyn and listens to plenty of jazz music, especially Buddy Holly.  

Marie enjoyed the time she spent with Alex, reminiscing about her life. “Marie is an absolute delight to be around.  It is wonderful to see that she is able to get out again after spending some time isolating at home,” said Alex.
Marie, a big congratulations from all the Prestige team. It is an honour to support you and share your 100th birthday. We look forward to hearing more of your stories and providing you with extraordinary care with Prestige.