At Prestige, we aspire to exceed our clients’ expectations and aim to provide positive outcomes for both our clients and staff at all times. Seeing the difference we are making in the lives of our clients and their families, and hearing stories like these ones below drives us to raise the bar even higher as we strive for unrivalled customer service and quality care.

Client Testimonial: Anne

It looked like Anne was going to have to go to a rehabilitation hospital and because of a reaction to antibiotics causing delusions, she had ended up in a dementia ward. It was looking really frightening for both her and her family. Since Prestige’s team of carers has been coming in 24 hours a day, Anne is thriving and it’s taken the pressure off Anne’s family and her children and grandchildren, who get to enjoy the time with her, but still be very much involved and enjoy that flexibility of care.

“Bob cooks me delicious meals, and I can have a sausage roll. And, if I was in a nursing home, I bet there wouldn’t be any sausage rolls!”.

Client Testimonial: Hugh

Hugh values his independence and likes to visit London a couple of times a year, but he admits he couldn’t make these trips, if Prestige carer, Eve, wasn’t able to accompany him on his travels and provide companionship.

With Prestige’s support, Hugh can continue to live life to the fullest, doing exactly what he loves.

Watch the video to hear Hugh talk about his Prestige Inhome Care experience.

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