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I love being A Carer

We are so privileged to have many wonderful carers who have had a long relationship with Prestige Inhome Care and our clients.  Meet Anna, who recently clocked up an extraordinary 15 years with Prestige.  Anna loves her work and after almost 30 years as a carer, her work has been a big part of her life and who she is.

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What is the most rewarding thing about being a carer?

To me, the most rewarding thing about being a Carer is the laughs and the friendships I have made.  My clients are like family to me.  Some days I remind myself that to be trusted with someone’s care outweighs the struggles I have and that gives me balance. I love being a carer.

I have some wonderful clients, many of them I have been with for a long time. One special client I have had for over four years, and a few others I’ve also spent years with.

I started work with palliative care patients and did that for around 5 years. I’ve also looked after family members, as my clients for around 4 years.

What’s the most unusual question you’ve been asked at work?

Can I cook real food, not something out of a can or tin!  Haha, lucky I enjoy cooking.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was young, I wanted to be a mother craft nurse, that’s what they were called in the 60’s and 70’s. But being from an Italian family and the fact I had to go live away from home in Liverpool Sydney to become a mothercraft nurse, there was no way I was allowed to follow my dream.

How you relax/what do you like to do to chill out

I love going to the Dandenong’s, enjoying the fresh air and the gardens, the waterfalls. And I love having my granddaughters. They bring me so much joy.

I enjoyed going through my photos and remembering a trip to Italy with my brother who is very dear to me. We went to the house I was born in, and he took me down memory lane – that’s what older brothers do.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest?

My ideal guest would be my husband because I miss him dreadfully. He passed away 30 years ago. This was the reason I became a caregiver.

Do you have any unusual hobbies?

No unusual hobbies – I just love to teach my 4 year old granddaughter to cook.