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Jenny's Comeback

Jenny suffered a serious health setback resulting in a three-month hospital stay. On returning to her Sunshine Coast home, her health and physical abilities had been greatly affected, severely impacting her mobility and quality of life.

Today, Jenny’s plight has completely turned around. She has resumed her hobbies, feels connected to her community, and is back among friends.

“Thankfully and gratefully, I have an amazing team of carers who have assisted and supported me in my transition back to daily life.

“They provided practical advice, assisted me in finding ways to adapt safely to my physical challenges, transported me here and there, and acted as my personal assistant, “Jenny said.

Jenny’s improvement was aided by the support of carers from Prestige Inhome Care. Like Jenny, more people are turning to in-home care to allow them to regain a sense of normal life after experiencing life-altering health issues.

Prestige Inhome Care’s Jacinta sees the benefits people gain from receiving care at home. “In-home care makes a huge difference to our clients’ lives. Clients prefer to be in the comfort of their own home and not in hospital or nursing homes.  They receive one-to-one attention and the benefits to their mental wellbeing are immeasurable.

For Jenny, a bonus has been the unexpected companionship that comes from carers and the peace of mind her family experiences, knowing she is in good hands.

“Jacinta and the team have surprised me with acts of generosity, kindness, and pots of geraniums. There are times when they have gone beyond the call of duty.

“My family feel supported and are very appreciative of all that they do.

“My husband has resumed working away from home knowing I am safe, cared for and my needs are met. All has been done with professionalism, grace, and laughter,” Jenny said.

Recently with her carer’s encouragement and skill, Jenny has become more confident in the use of her electric wheelchair. “I am taking great pleasure in taking my carers for walks through my local bushland park,” she laughs. 

Carer Jacinta shrugs off any praise she receives about the difference she makes in the life of her clients. “I just try to do the best I can and when you love what you do it shows in the care you provide.”

If you would like to know more about how in-home care can help you, contact Prestige Inhome Care.

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