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Reflections from a carer

As she marks her first anniversary with Prestige Inhome Care, Sunshine Coast carer Jacinta shares her insights into her experiences, motivations and the meaningful connections she has with her clients.

How long have you worked as a personal carer? 

I started working as a support worker at the start of covid when I lost both my jobs in hospitality. I completed my Certificate III in Individual Support and became a carer nearly three years ago.

I started with Prestige Inhome Care in Queensland as their first full time carer when they opened here on the Sunny Coast in June/July 2022. I recently celebrated my first anniversary with Prestige. 

What Drew You To This Type Of Work?

Due to the Covid pandemic, I could no longer find work in hospitality or as receptionist at a resort. I considered studying and thought it might be something I like. Turns out at the age of 42 I finally worked out what I wanted to be when I grow up!

What do you like about being a carer?

I absolutely love my job, knowing I’ve made a difference in my clients day is so rewarding. I love helping with showers the most because I know how much better a shower makes you feel when you are not feeling great. I also love making people laugh and usually have a joke at my own expense just to see the smile I get in return.

Can you think of a memorable moment you shared with a client?

I have had many memorable moments and not just with clients but with their loved ones. Being invited to attend funeral services for clients who were so special is something I truly treasure, knowing I made that much of a difference to their lives and those closest to them.

It’s also very rewarding when clients get better or improve with my help and support. One client in particular who could only mobilise with a wheelchair to start, is now walking around with a wheelie walker.

How Do You Think In-Home Care Supports/Adds To Life?

In-home care makes a huge difference to our clients lives and to their loved one’s lives. Palliative care clients who are at the end stages of life, and those rehabilitating, much prefer to be in the comfort of their own home and not in hospital or nursing homes. With our support they can remain in their homes as long as possible.

It’s also beneficial for those experiencing memory issues like dementia to be in their familiar surroundings and I see less stress compared with being in surrounding that are foreign to them.