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A Company Culture Built on Family Unity

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Eleven years ago, Prestige Founder & CEO Nick McDonald, hired his sister, Thea, to assist the company with Business Development. They both thought it would be a short-term arrangement. Those early years saw Prestige Inhome Care face numerous challenges, while in its growth stage of the business, so it was reassuring for Nick to know that he could put his full faith in support of Thea.

Family Comes First

Nick and Thea agreed right at the beginning that if the work ever got in the way of their personal relationship, that they would prioritise their relationship as siblings. However, over a decade later they have proven not only that siblings can work together, but also to the industry that family bonds can be a driver for success, as has been the case with the evolution of the Prestige Inhome Care family.

Growing Together

Today, the sister-brother duo has found the perfect balance between a healthy working relationship and an unbreakable sister-brother bond. Nick and Thea have been each other’s crutch at times throughout the years, and have both grown expansively in their roles. The great respect they hold for each other is one of the pillars of both their personal and working relationships.

Anyone who has started their own business will agree the road isn’t always a smooth one, and for Nick “it’s been fantastic to have her [Thea] by my side as we have grown”. Likewise, Thea states it has been “a privilege for me to have been on this journey with Nick” in her role as part owner and Head of Marketing and Sales.

The Prestige Family

Nick and Thea’s sibling bond is not the only relationship laying the foundation for a team built on trust respect. The Prestige family today includes numerous staff members who share a family bond with another member of the organisation, from siblings and spouses, to nieces, nephews and cousins.

Other Members of the Prestige Family

Prestige family Spouses
Prestige's Mother Daughter duo

Strong family unity is found at the core of Prestige’s company culture. Prestige is, in every sense of the word, a family providing vital support to other families.


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