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The disability misnomer and exercising freedom when faced with Motor Neuron Disease

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A passion for production, film, television and music made for an exciting and eventful career for Fabian. Now, facing the everyday challenges that MND poses on his life, Fabian is determined to highlight the freedom’s he still has and enjoys, even in the face of adversity.

“It’s certainly a term that is misinterpreted – and that is disability,” says Fabian. “I am officially disabled. I rely on a wheelchair for transport. I need to be hoisted out of this to get into bed…anything like that. I need people to dress me. I need people to wash me. I need people to do everything for me but I still have an incredible amount of freedom and I am still able, not disabled, in so many ways.”

“The resourcefulness of being able to work out what you can actually access if fun. It’s really exciting as a challenge because you do have to work out logistics in a far more detailed way. You have to know whether you can get your wheelchair in and out of places, how you’re going to get there, who you can go with and so on and so forth and all those types of things you take for granted when you have full physical abilities.”

“But you are not disabled I don’t think. I really do not suffer from any sort of disabilities because you just have to access things in a different way.”

Melbourne born and bred Fabian sits within his St Kilda apartment with the bustling and lively street below. The walls are dotted with music paraphernalia from what has been a long and enjoyable career creating advertisements, jingles and music alike while living with his wife and two beautiful children.

“I grew up with a big family in Melbourne. A very close family and I still enjoy seeing very much. I now have a condition that requires that I have a lot of personal care and a lot of equipment that I need and I am very lucky now that the NDIS is enabling me to access that, which I may not have been able to do before.”

In this intimate and enjoyable chat with Fabian, he shares some of the challenges and enjoyments of living with his condition, reflecting on a full life of interest, passion and positivity that resonates with those wanting to life a full and rich life.

Watch the full video of our chat with Fabian here.


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