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Father’s Day 2021 gives us the opportunity to honour and celebrate fathers in all their forms whether they are our fathers,  grandfathers or step-dads.

Fathers don’t (always) wear capes, but to many of us they are the  superheroes who have embraced the responsibility of nurturing their children. They are the superheroes who we can count on to help celebrate our triumphs and pick us up if we fall.

At Prestige, we wanted to take this opportunity to share photos of some of the fabulous fathers on our team with their children, as well as photos of some of our wonderful staff with their own fathers. 

We wish you all a Happy Father’s Day!

‘This is me & my dad Adrian. What makes my dad so special is his sense of humour and his ability to always cheer me up!’ Isabella

‘Here is my lovely step-dad and I on he & Mum’s wedding day. Mark’s superpower is being an amazing supportive husband to my mum and grandpa to both mine and my sisters children’. Sarah

‘In his own way my Dad taught me to never give up. Even when things seem impossible, you’ve got nothing to work with, the odds are stacked against you, there’s still a chance you can succeed so give it all you’ve got’. Yasmine

‘This is my Dad and me photo was taken when I was 5 year old. My dad is so special to me because my mum pass away when I was 6 year old my dad never married to other ladies he give me love of mum and dad both. He fulfilled my demands and give me good education’. Renu

‘The thing I love most about my Dad, The fact that he will call shotgun to any mischief the grand babies are up to. Even if their mum doesn’t approve.  

You’ll find him under the table eating a full bag of choc chip cookies with the toddler or stretched out on the couch watching the latest episode of ‘my hero academia’ with the eldest. 

Every time there is naughty a plan, he will be close by.’ Adrienne

‘Such a caring soul’  Bianca

‘What I love the most about my dad his hugs and sense of humour he is always lots of fun.’ Johannah