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Rolf's Story: Continuing Life’s Pursuits through Home Care

Rolf, a vibrant 93 year old retired teacher and academic, has a passion for history, books, classical music and visits from his grandkids. The support of his carers allows him to pursue his studies and correspondence, which give his life purpose and define his identity.

Rolf loves Bondi, so staying in his community is very important to him. He was instrumental in establishing the community theatre in Bondi (Bondi Pavilion Theatre Company). 

He still enjoys the ‘fabric’ of the street scape – the local French patisserie, fish shop, supermarket, Austrian/Bavarian patisserie, the Lebanese restaurant, all of which his carers take him to visit regularly. 

Rolf recognises that it is due to the support of his carers that he is able to maintain his community connection and remain living where he loves. 

At Prestige Inhome Care, we often talk about the extraordinary connections between our clients and their dedicated carers. Occasionally, the client-carer relationship develops beyond standard expectations, and the rapport shared between the client and the carer progresses where the carer can fulfill a client’s wishes before they ask.

This is the unique bond that Prestige client Rolf has with his care team, especially Saki and Marsya.

“I don’t ask for things, Saki does things for me that she knows I’ll enjoy, often in her own time. I mention apple pie and the next day she has made me an apple pie and it’s waiting in the fridge.”  Rolf often sits down to apple or blueberry pie, homemade kimchi or loose leaf tea made by Saki.

Previously, Rolf has written to Prestige Inhome Care to tell us how much he values his carers and what a difference they’ve made to his quality of life.

“Besides looking after my health and blindness, both Marsya and Saki have acted as my eyes and aging brain.  Additional to Marsya caring for my personal needs, I found her absolutely invaluable to type and read articles for me due to my blindness. I am delighted and grateful that I have had such a second ‘pair of eyes’ and a fine critical mind to help me”, Rolf shared with us.

At Prestige Inhome Care, we are dedicated to fostering such enriching connections and empowering individuals to thrive within their beloved communities.

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