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Thanks for Caring - Aged Care Employee Day

Rolf Sydney 1

In the lead up to Aged Care Employee Day on August 7th, Prestige Inhome Care clients have sent in some lovely messages of appreciation for their carers (some have been shared below). Thank you to those who have submitted messages, we can’t wait to share them with your carer.

The Bondi office team were thrilled to have extraordinary client, Rolf visit the office recently. Rolf also shared some amazing feedback about how much he values his Prestige carers Marsya and Saki.

“Besides looking after my health and blindness, both Marsya and Saki have acted as my eyes and aging brain.  Additional to Marsya caring for my personal needs, I found her absolutely invaluable to type and read articles for me due to my blindness. I am delighted and grateful that I have had such a second ‘pair of eyes’ and a fine critical mind to help me.”

Here is a sample of some the wonderful messages of thanks submitted by our clients.  We look forward to sharing more of the Aged Care Employee Day #ThanksForCaring messages with you in next month’s newsletter and on our Facebook pages.