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2024 Ultimate Bucket List Guide

Prestige Inhome Care has recently been inspired by our extraordinary client Dorothy, who created a Bucket List giving her a renewed zest for life.  With the help of her Prestige carer, Dorothy is now spending more time outdoors, exploring new places and trying new things.


Creating a Bucket List is a great way to start the year and hopefully, you’ll find your Bucket List is your key to unlocking a more purposeful and enjoyable life. We’ve created a downloadable bucket list template below to help you get started.

5 Benefits of a Bucket List

  1. Exciting things to look forward to: boredom will become  a thing of the past and you’ll experience new feelings of anticipation.
  2. Create new meaningful memories: have interesting new stories to share with others.
  3. Experience a daily dose of motivation: wake up with purpose and let your Bucket List inspire you.
  4. Personal Growth: tackling your list will help you discover strengths and abilities you never knew you had.
  5. Social Connections: Your Bucket List is a path to meeting new friends and strengthening your existing connections. Spend more time with friends and family or make new friends.

 A Bucket List might include:

Ready to start your Bucket List journey? 

While compiling a bucket list might seem easy enough, there are a few things you should do to help you to get started. 

Chat with your family and friends about your interest in a Bucket List. Let them cheer you on and get their support in in setting an achievable list. Think about setting category goals– are they health related, educational or social? Most importantly, consider the kind of support will you need to achieve your Bucket List. Will you need transportation, physical support or a helping hand?

Support from your Prestige Carer

Your Prestige carer is on hand to assist you in reaching your goals and support you to live the life you want. Why not take a leaf out of Dorothy and Melissa’s book and chat to your carer about how they could help you tick off your Bucket List goals. 

You may find that, like Dorothy and her carer Melissa, a friendly bond blossoms between you and your carer as you spend time achieving your new dreams. Whether trying a new recipe or creating a handmade gift card, no dream is too big or too small to go on your list. They only need to be realistic and make you happy.