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Wage Rise for Aged Care Workers addresses increasing demand

We were pleased to learn of the decision made by the Fair Work Commission on 21 February 2023, to increase the aged care sector award rate for nurses and carers.


Pay Increase benefits clients with quality care workers

“We embrace this decision by the Government to raise pay rates, recognising the invaluable work carried out by care staff to enable individuals to maintain their independence within their own homes. We acknowledge the concerning shortage of aged care workers and view this decision as one step toward addressing this critical issue,” said CEO Nick McDonald.

Commitment to care workers

There have been some comments in the media, questioning whether aged care providers will actually pass on the pay rise to workers. Prestige Inhome Care has committed to ensuring that the full wage rise goes directly into the payslips of the care workers under the award receiving the rise.

Prestige has long made it a priority to demonstrate how much it values its employees by providing competitive salaries and benefits. As the shortage of workers reached a critical point during COVID lockdowns, and the risk of many vulnerable people going without vital care increased, Prestige increased our care worker pay rates by up to 20% above award. This step not only helped attract more experienced care workers to join Prestige but also improved our service delivery to our clients.

This year, we have reviewed pay rates further to ensure that all of our care workers’ pay rates remain above award, regardless of whether they are working with aged or disability clients.

Prestige carer, Junith (featured above) has been a care worker for over 16 years. She says “it’s very reassuring to know we are valued for the work we do. I love what I do but it’s really great to get this kind of recognition for the importance of my contribution to the community.”

The increase in pay rates will also result in a related increase to wage on-costs such as superannuation, payroll tax and workers’ compensation insurance.

Our purpose of making lives better by supporting people to be independent, comfortable and live a quality life, is underpinned by our commitment to provide extraordinary care and service. Prestige Inhome Care understands that meeting and exceeding this commitment is dependent on the quality of their people.

Prestige Inhome Care is proud of the high calibre care and support workers that deliver Prestige services.  Our aged care workers display heart-felt dedication to their clients. They are at times faced with stressful situations that require level-headedness and a skilled, experienced response.