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Dramatic Rethink

Dramatic rethink of aged care needed as operators stare down $9.3b black hole

With senior Australians demanding more in-home care and residential aged care facilities costing billions more each year to run, experts say aged care needs a dramatic overhaul.

The number of Australians receiving home care packages has almost tripled, increasing from 59,738 in June 2014 to 176,105 in June 2021. The demand for packages far outstrips supply, as Australia’s ageing population delays entering residential care, a trend turbocharged by the pandemic deaths of almost 4000 older Australians in aged care homes.

As demand increases, many aged care providers have been experiencing staff shortages. Our CEO Nick McDonald expresses how the pandemic has placed high pressure on the company’s workforce. “We’ve never before had to say no to any new business,” said McDonald. “Telling new clients that we don’t have the staff to help was heartbreaking”.

These findings have left many wondering whether Australia’s aged care model should change dramatically.

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