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Wentworth Courier: New Age For Care

There is good news for the more than 94 percent of elderly Australians living in their own homes. The $17.7 billion aged care reform package announced by the government in the federal budget includes $7.5 billion to support home care. Meanwhile, an investment of $7.8 billion has been allocated towards residential aged care services.

The Government has committed to clearing a backlog of 100,000 people on a waiting list for Home Care Packages. An additional $6.5 million investment aims to assist in this goal, with $650 million going towards building up the necessary workforce. However, many providers are expressing concerns regarding the ability to service the increased number of packages with the current staffing shortfall, warning it could take a few years to build the workforce needed.

Overall, the initiatives have been widely received as positive by the aged care sector. However, for those providing and receiving this care, it is not known how much difference these funding boosts would make at a local level.

Prestige Inhome Care CEO, Thea McCroary says one of the biggest benefits of the reforms is the increased awareness it creates for in-home care. “The number of families who say to me ‘Gosh, I wish I knew before that was an option’ when we tell them about our services is just staggering.”

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Prestige Inhome Care is engaging in various activities to bridge the gap, such as recently expanding our funded program team to ensure we continue to be fully equipped to assist all clients with the Home Care Package set up process and help them understand their options.

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