24 Hour Care and Nursing | Better than a Live-In Carer

Why you should consider 24 hour care vs. a live-in carer

Imagine the wonderful feeling of knowing your loved one has continuous, 24 hour in-home care, with round-the-clock support, ensuring a safe, secure and comfortable level of independence.

You want only the best, so when it comes to overnight care and 24 hour nursing, you deserve to be 100% confident that your loved one has the very best private 24 hour nurses and in home carers.

After all, isn’t that the sort of care you would want for yourself? Prestige Inhome Care Services!

Over a decade ago we pioneered 24 hour at home care and nursing to provide optimal care, that a live-in carer simply cannot offer

Live-in carer or 24 hour care and nursing – What’s the difference?

Prestige Inhome Care are the leaders in private 24 hour care and nursing. Similar to having someone live in with your loved one, we have a structured program, with many years of experience successfully delivering 24 hour home care to people living in their own homes.

Your Case Manager will work with you to establish a flexible, tailored, unique support program, which is reviewed regularly ensuring we meet the changing needs of you and your loved one.

Advantages of having a Care Team vs. one single live-in carer

Care Team is typically 6 carers / nurses

True around the clock care: a live-in carer can not work 24/7, it’s a fact! They need sleep, days off, personal leave, sick leave, holidays.

Highest quality care: our 24 hour care team utilises years of collective experience and expertise. Detailed handovers, team meetings, reviews and training, they work together to provide the best possible care and nursing.

Specialised training: specific training developed according to you and your loved one’s situation, conditions and needs. Your care team is continually training to ensure we meet your individual requirements.

Reduced dependence: our 24 hour care team reduces the stress and anxiety your loved one may experience when a live-in carer can not be there or if there is a change in routine

Structured variety: a 24 hour care team offers structured routine with a variety of personalities for pleasant, enjoyable interaction, conversations and mental stimulation.

Permanent, supplement and relief duties: our nurses and carers can do as much or as little as you like for an emergency; a few days; a structured roster; or indefinitely.

Change carers: if you or your loved one are not bonding with a nurse or carer they can be easily changed at your request

Prestige Inhome Care has earned an outstanding reputation over many years of delivering the very best private care and nursing available!

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What is the process?

  1. After a telephone discussion about your needs and current situation, we organise a convenient time for an in-home consultation with you and your family members.
  2. One of our experienced team members will meet you to answer any questions, conduct a care needs assessment, explain how we can assist, construct a tailored care plan and quotation.
  3. To ensure our clients receive the best quality care, your service needs are forwarded to our Service Coordinator team. One of our Care Coordinators will call you to discuss if, how or when you wish Prestige Inhome Care to deliver the care.

At Prestige Inhome Care we take the time to understand participants’ 24 hour care needs so we can deliver the highest quality care!

What’s next?

Simply call 1300 10 30 10 to have your 24 hour care questions answered and organise a FREE, no obligation in-home consultation.