24 Hour Care and Nursing Explained

It is a wonderful feeling to know that your loved one has continuous, 24 hour in-home care. When it comes to overnight care and 24 hour nursing, you deserve to be 100% confident that your loved one has the very best qualified and registered nurses and in-home carers.

What happens in 24 hour in-home care?

Prestige Inhome Care pioneered 24 hour at-home care and nursing to provide the optimal care that a live-in carer simply cannot offer. Our dedicated teams provide round-the-clock support that ensures a safe, secure and comfortable level of independence. With many years of experience successfully delivering 24 hour home care to people living in their own homes, we provide structure and expertise. Your Case Manager will work with you to establish a flexible, tailored, unique support program, which is reviewed regularly ensuring we meet the changing needs of you and your loved one.

24 Hour Care vs Live-in Carer

A live-in carer cannot work 24 hours, seven days a week. They need sleep, days off, personal leave, sick leave and holidays. Live-in carers are generally only able to actively support you for 8 hours out of 24 hours in a day. Meanwhile with our 24 hour care model, your Prestige Inhome Care Team is typically made up of six carers and/or nurses, providing true around-the-clock support. We can work around the times that your family members are available.

Whilst it is possible for a single live-in carer to become a cherished companion and source of support, a 24 hour care team offers a variety of personalities for enjoyable interaction and mental stimulation. Imagine being supported by a whole team of highly trained carers and/or nurses, who have specialised knowledge and skills to meet you and your loved one’s needs.

What does 24 hour nursing cover?

Prestige provides Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses for all clinical care needs who can work in conjunction with your Personal Care Attendant. Our in-home nurses can provide a range of services including:

  • Administering medications
  • Assistance with prescriptions
  • Injury management
  • Wound care
  • Hoisting/transferring assistance
  • Palliative Care

What are the key benefits of 24 hour care with Prestige?

Our 24 hour care team utilises years of collective experience and expertise. Detailed handovers, team meetings, reviews and training, they work together to provide the best possible care and nursing.

One of the major advantages of 24 hour in-home care with Prestige is that specific training is developed according to you and your loved one’s situation, conditions and needs. Your care team is continually training to ensure we meet your individual requirements.

Our 24 hour care team reduces the stress and anxiety your loved one may experience when a live-in carer cannot be there or if there is a change in routine. There is a tailored, structured routine which promises continuity throughout the day and night.

Our nurses and carers can also do as much or as little as you like for an emergency whether it be for a few days, via a structured roster or indefinitely. If you or your loved one are not bonding with a nurse or carer they can be easily changed at your request.

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Prestige Inhome Care provides support and care services to help you or your loved one stay in the comfort of your own home. Prestige Inhome Care services in Greater Melbourne, Mornington and Geelong include Home Care Packages, 24 Hour Care and Nursing, Personal Care, Domestic Care and Home Help, Nursing, Aged Care, Private Care, Respite Care, Post Hospital Support, Palliative Care, Disability Care and NDIS, Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Case Management, Veterans’ Home Care, Consumer Directed Care and Home and Garden Maintenance.

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