An extraordinary life of dancing with Fred Astaire, travelling and celebrating the good times. This month we celebrate the wonderful world of 99 year old Corrie.

Corrie knows how to make things beautiful. Sitting in her home in inner Melbourne with a view of the city skyline, Corrie shares her stories of elegant parties, fashion, travel and winning horses. From farm life to her home in Toorak. This is an extraordinary life told by an extraordinary woman.

It seems nothing surprises Corrie. The jaw dropping story of hearing that Corrie once danced with Fred Astaire is simply one of the many extraordinary things that you will learn over a Brandy and Dry.

Since Corrie was young, there has been adventure after adventure, travelling the world and staying at the finest hotels. Meeting interesting and famous people as a Flight Attendant to hosting parties that would have any socialite aspire to attend.

“I’ve been to nearly every place you can mention. Spain, South Africa, South America, Honolulu, America. We always stayed at the best.”

This is simply the life of Corrie. A woman who has seen and done things that many would only dream to experience. A life of colour and vibrancies, of good fortune and love. Sitting near the portrait of her late husband, Corrie shares her stories with a smile and a twinkle in her eye.

Today, Corrie provides support to many charitable organisations across Australia, providing assistance to those who need it the most. Among all this, Corrie still knows every word to her favourite poem, which she recited to us when we sat down and spoke in her own home.

With a freshly prepared Brandy and Dry, it was inspiring to hear many of Corrie’s stories and the extraordinary life she continues to live.

Watch the full video of our chat with Corrie here.