Following a career in sales and marketing selling everyday items, Prestige Inhome Care Case Manager Lara was looking for something different. Something a little more meaningful to her.

With a friendly and warm smile, and a relaxed and approachable nature, Lara is someone who adds value and happiness to those she meets, and in her role as Case Manager at Prestige Inhome Care, Lara connects individuals with the right care to suit their needs.

“What drew me to working in the care industry was that I’ve always worked in sales and marketing roles but I was looking to work for something that just meant a little bit more,” said Lara. “It’s one thing to sell something that’s an everyday item, a necessity but it’s another thing to sell something that actually makes a difference in someone’s life.”

“My role was originally relationship management, building relationships with people in all different areas of the community and clients themselves, and then hopefully helping them in a way that helps them maintain their life as normal or improve their life.”

It is this commitment to improving the lives of those she meets as a Case Manager day to day that makes Lara the perfect team member for Prestige Inhome Care. The dedication to staying informed and finding the best solutions for individuals and their families is what makes a difference to the lives of those in the community who need support and care at home.

“I meet with potential clients and their families day to day so my role is to talk to them about what we can offer them and how we can make their life easier and also about the different programs that are available to them, so people can have care as they need it, and we call that Private Care, but people also are eligible for funded care so there’s different programs where they can get funding to pay for care in the home and my role is to talk to them about that and hopefully get them something that is exactly what they need.”

Sitting down with Lara, she shines light on this role in the community that is helping to maintain and improve the lives of individuals, with the help of the team at Prestige Inhome Care.

Watch the full video of Prestige In-home Care’s Lara as she shares her story of a search for more meaning in her career.