Kathy’s personal approach to Personal Care

There are endless moments where the simple things are what take centre stage. The sound of the gentle breeze through the trees or the blissful moment when you hear the milk being poured into a fresh cup of tea. Ready for a chat and some good company.

It is in these simple moments where the personal preferences appear. Are you someone who enjoys music from a time when things were busier or do you prefer the quiet clock ticking in the background of a peaceful room. Are you aligned with a strong cup of tea with a dash of milk or perhaps prefer a pairing with an Anzac Biscuit? These are the details that are remembered when you enjoy quality personal care.

Finding Joy in The Stories

While many look to the bigger moments, it is in these day to day moments of simplicity where Prestige Inhome Care’s Kathy finds her enjoyment in her role as a personal carer. The stories and the laughter.

Sitting down with Kathy earlier in the year we spoke about Kathy’s journey to Personal Care with Prestige Inhome Care. We learned of both her extensive experience in the care industry and her gentle approach that brings joy to every client she meets.

Building Friendships

“You can shower, you can shop, you can clean, you can sit one on one. Everything,” said Kathy when describing her role. “It is a really interesting job.”

“Some people like things done in a certain way and others don’t care. You get over the initial meeting and then you build a friendship. A relationship. And you have jokes or chats,” Kathy smiles.

Prior to working with Prestige Inhome Care, Kathy worked in a nursing home for many years. At Prestige, the approach is more personal.

“We laugh a lot or we look at the flowers in the garden. We talk about nice things or things they used to do when they were younger. I have heard war stories, business stories. I love listening to their stories.”

Watch Kathy share her experiences as a Personal Carer at Prestige Inhome Care

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