Portrait of Nicky Johnston regarding her book 'Grandma forgets'

Nicky Johnston, Illustrator of ‘Grandma Forgets’, talks about hope, memories and creating the images that have put this important Children’s story on the global map.

Author, Illustrator, Educator and Speaker Nicky Johnston sits in her inspiring studio surrounded by images, drawings and imaginings when Prestige Inhome care visits to speak about the children’s book that is capturing the attention of the world. Following the successful launch of ‘Grandma Forgets’ last year, a book dedicated to communicating the impact of dementia

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staff member Dirk talking about his career in care

Dirk was working as an engineer when his father became ill and required round the clock care. Dirk took up this role and it was during this time that he discovered the importance of support to those requiring care, embarking on a new career direction.

It is patience, care and empathy, not sympathy that makes a quality carer. That’s the sentiment of Prestige Inhome Care’s own team member Dirk, who decided later in life to become a professional carer. While caring for his own father, Dirk discovered a new path for his future, one that would see him providing support

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photo of Richard Coleman outdoors - linking community, sport and disability

Paralympic Gold Medallist Richard Coleman shares his vision and philosophy on the link between community and sport and the role it plays in the lives of people living with a disability.

Paralympic Gold Medallist Richard Coleman is not afraid of a challenge. Having travelled the world as a professional athlete for the past 20 years, Richard shares his thoughts on the role of sport in Australian culture and the importance of integration across able-bodied individuals and those living with a disability. It takes a certain type

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Nurse Hayley talking about staying healthy in summer

As a qualified Nurse, Prestige Inhome Care’s own Hayley knows the importance of maintaining good health and staying cool in the warmer months. Sitting down with Hayley we discovered some of the simple steps individuals can take to remain safe, cool and hydrated throughout summer, as well as why it is important to remain connected in the community and know that you are never too old to learn something new.

“It’s the conversation that sets the elderly apart from other generations,” says Prestige Inhome Care’s Manager of Nursing Services, Hayley. “There are so many stories to share and things to learn.” It is these stories that make Hayley’s role at Prestige Inhome Care so enjoyable, along with knowing that everyday a difference is being made

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Nick McDonald talking about Financial Review 2017

Prestige Inhome Care has been recognised as one of Australia’s fastest growing businesses by the Australian Financial Review, an inclusion that Nick McDonald says is both humbling and a sign that the services being delivered by Prestige Inhome Care are resonating with the local community.

With a reputation for quality and experience, Prestige Inhome Care has grown to become an established member of the local communities in which the organisation operates, connecting individuals requiring care with services and caring professionals who love what they do. Since 2002, Nick McDonald and the team at Prestige Inhome Care have been working to

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photo of 'Grandma Forgets' book about dementia

Dementia is an illness that impacts our closest loved ones. Grandma forgets is a beautiful children’s book dedicated to raising awareness of the illness and bringing a stronger understanding to children as to why ‘grandma forgets’.

Today, there are more than 410,000 Australian’s living with Dementia along with their families. For those directly impacted, Dementia causes the loss of memory, intellect, rationality, social skills and physical functioning. It can be challenging, confusing and difficult for families and loved ones to understand. ‘Grandma Forgets’ is a beautiful story to uplift and inspire.

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Client services coordinator Angela photo

As a client services coordinator, angela is responsible for ensuring the safety, care and comfort for clients, and she shares her experiences here.

Connecting Carers and Clients is at the heart of Angela’s role at Prestige Inhome Care. As a Client Services Coordinator, Angela is responsible for ensuring the safety, care and comfort for Clients, and she shares her experiences here. “You are never too old to learn something new,” – The mantra of Prestige Inhome Care’s own

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Mark Pacitti and Nick McDonald talk about mental health

Mental Health is important for all people of all ages. Nick McDonald sits down with founder of Dancing with the Black Dog, Mark Pacitti, as he shares his personal and candid story of dealing with his own mental health issues.

It’s something that needs to be acknowledged, addressed, recognised and accepted. That is the overarching message in this month’s Focus On Series, where Prestige Inhome Care CEO Nick McDonald speaks to expert and Founder of Dancing with the Black Dog Mark Pacitti about the impact of depression and anxiety on your life and the positive

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Carer Megan making tea and talking about her career

Prestige InHome Carer Megan speaks of her career change to become a carer and the joy it brings her to share activities and experiences with her clients.

It was later in her career that Megan decided she wanted to find more meaning in her career. After a period with charitable organisation Riding for the Disabled, Megan set to work gaining the necessary qualifications to become a carer for a reputable organisation such as Prestige Inhome Care. With a focus on giving back,

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In the lead up to Men’s Health Week in June, Nick McDonald speaks to exercise physiologist Trent Malcolm about the benefits of exercise at all ages.

Well-known bayside Exercise Physiologist Trent Malcolm, founder of Active One, is not short of stories of success when it comes to providing benefits to lifestyle for individuals taking up exercise at any stage of their life. Sitting down with CEO of Prestige Inhome Care Nick McDonald, Trent shares some interesting insights into this important area

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