Prestige and Professional Development- Congratulations Leah Stones

Closeup of a book and a hand holding a pencil - Leah Stones article

The 8th of March marks International Womens’ Day, a day dedicated to celebrating woman in all their glory. At Prestige, we are fortunate enough to employ hundreds of remarkable women, but today we would like to congratulate one in particular. Leah Stones, receptionist at our Geelong Office, has just successfully completed a Certificate lll in Business Administration (Education), all while working full time as a backbone of our organisation.

We love to encourage the professional development of all our staff, and insist on consistent and ongoing training for all carers and nurses. So when Leah approached us with the intention of completing a traineeship “on the job”, we were more than happy to oblige. She undertook her studies through Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, with the traning being facilitated by Ashley Institute in Geelong.

The online course went for a grand total of 12 months, with a trainer visiting our Geelong office on a fortnightly basis to support and oversee Leah’s progress. Leah was not only able to develop new skills, but also build on skills she already had in areas such as workplace OH&S, environmentally sustainable work practices, schedule organisation, and the delivery and monitoring of customer services.

Of the experience Leah says “I believe this course has given me more confidence in my ability to provide great customer service, and to support both the team at the Geelong office and the carers and nurses in the field”.

Congratulations Leah, we are very proud of the way you have taken on and completed this qualification while still being an outstanding receptionist. You are a prime example of why women should be celebrated today!