Singing, dancing, meditation and care. Prestige Inhome Care’s Jacqueline believes it’s all about balance.

37 years in nursing and care is a long time, however for Prestige Inhome Care nurse Jacqueline, each day brings a balance of laughter, enjoyment, connection and care.

When we sat down with Jacqueline this month to talk through her journey to Prestige Inhome Care, we were met with that infectious smile and warm nature that Jacqueline has become known for.

“I’m very social. I love to dance and sing and do the wee highland fling,” smiled Jacqueline. “And I love to meditate.”

This balance between laughter and seriousness is what makes Jacqueline’s approach so infectious to those around her. It is a manner formed not only through her natural kindness, gentleness and care, but also through years of experience working in palliative, disability and nursing.

“I have been nursing a long, long time. Absolutely love my job and I love caring for people. I can’t imagine myself not being a nurse. I just really enjoy what I do.”

“I do a lot of palliative care, which is my passion and I also look after some clients that have Motor Neuron Disease and also disabilities so I have a lot of variety in the work and a bit of balance, which is really good. I think everybody needs a bit of balance.”

Jacqueline has been working at Prestige Inhome Care for three years and before that worked in hospitals, which was a different experience.

“I love working in in-home care. You have that special relationship and one on one time and I know they are getting the best care I can.”

“To be a good nurse I think you have to be compassionate. I think you have to have a lot of empathy. Loving, caring, with a gentle nature and a sense of humour goes a long way.”

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